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Oklahoma Rut Report

Caleb Combs of Stuart Ranch Outfitters provides a whitetail rut update for Oklahoma.

Location: western Oklahoma

Rut stage: post rut

Current buck movement: 8/10 Projected buck movement: 8/10 As I just witnessed, early post rut hunting can be an awesome time to kill a mature buck. Trail cams and personal encounters have shown that almost all of our big bucks have been active during daylight hours. Big bucks have been spotted on food sources, and are still showing some interest in does. They haven't been consistent in any one place, but if you can find the hot females then there will be big bucks around as well. It's different than peak rut in that there are more mature bucks per doe than usual. If you're already tagged out, I'd recommend running some cams to see what bucks have survived. In a state like Oklahoma where baiting is legal, late season is a great time to get some inventory of the herd. If you're still looking to fill a tag, focus on food and any secondary rutting action.

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