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South Dakota Rut Report

Dylan Tramp of Outdoor Forum provides a whitetail rut update for South Dakota.

Location: eastern South Dakota

Rut stage: post rut Current buck movement: 8/10 Projected buck movement: 9/10

With peak breeding behind us and rifle hunters afield, mature bucks are clinging to the best cover available. However, bucks will still be visible as they seek out the last willing does. I'm continuing to see bucks on the move late morning and midday as they cruise timber in search of breeding. My plan continues to be hunting sanctuaries near known bedding and travel routes. As temps drop and snow shows up, the deer will transition into late season patterns. When that happens, whitetails will seek out thick cover near food. My advice would be to find the does and hunt the trails that lead them into fields. Hunting public or pressured lands can be tough in this phase, but an active food source will be a gold mind as we get into December.

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