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New York Rut Report

David Giarrizzo of Tag N' Brag provides a whitetail rut update for New York.

Location: western New York

Rut stage: peak breeding

Current buck movement: 10/10

Projected buck movement: 6/10

We got hammered with snow in the beginning of November and I believe it put the rut in a slight delay. The movement we saw this past week should have been a week and a half ago. From the 20th-24th the bucks were breeding and it had the mature bucks on their feet in daylight.

We killed two bucks and in the first hunt we watched three bucks chase the same doe in and out of the field multiple times as we recorded interviews. The deer did not even care we were there as they were so locked on the hot doe. In the second hunt we watched smaller bucks breed the doe once the target buck was gone. It capped off two of the ruttiest days we've ever hunted.

I believe moving forward this week will be completely different. They are calling for more lake effect snow in our area and I think we caught the tail end of the breeding phase. I expect movement to be subdued because of the weather and the lack of receptive does in the area.

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