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Michigan Rut Report

Kevin Vistisen of Deer Hunter Podcast provides a whitetail rut update for Michigan.

Location: southern Michigan

Rut stage: peak breeding

Current buck movement: 6/10

Projected buck movement: 10/10

Michigan is currently at the peak of the breeding phase. The majority of does are in estrous and mature bucks don't have to move far to find a companion to spend 24 to 48 hours with. I actually witnessed a doe seeking out a suitor yesterday after I did a series of tending grunts. She investigated the area and walked off. I did another series of grunts, and she doubled back on a straight line attempting to locate the vocal buck.

Young bucks are on the move all day. Older bucks, though, are most likely holed up in thick cover where they can go about their business without having to travel in daylight.

I think this will all change very soon, though. Going off of trail cam pics from previous seasons, I expect to see mature bucks out seeking again shortly. I think Thanksgiving through the end of the month will expose daytime movement for bigger whitetails.

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