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Ohio Rut Report

Byron Horton of The Whitetail Experience provides a whitetail rut update for Ohio.

Location: central Ohio

Rut stage: post rut

Current buck movement: 2/10

Projected buck movement: 3/10 The first Ohio gun season just wrapped up and this means hunting pressure was at an all-time high. Public land bucks have been killed or are currently in their best hiding holes. There looks to be some lower temps and snow on the way, which I think will help with some daylight movement. It'll also assist in scouting as we can find the freshest sign as bucks change up their patterns.

This time of year is very difficult on public land, but not impossible. Last year we observed three bucks fighting on December 10th.

Hard to access locations with food and cover are going to be key as mature bucks recover from the rut and gun season. With the second gun season opening next weekend, your best bet is to dive deep into public land and let hunters push the deer to you.

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