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West Virginia Rut Report

Zach Lamb of The Average Outdoorsman provides a whitetail rut update for West Virginia.

Location: northern West Virginia Rut stage: post rut Current buck activity: 4/10 Projected buck activity: 7/10 The rut seems to be coming to a close in most of West Virginia. You might catch a buck chasing a doe here or there, but for the most part the does have already came and went. We’ve been seeing more and more does back out in the fields at sunset, but the bucks aren't as visible. You might still be able to catch an old buck scent checking bedding areas trying to catch that late estrous doe, but it seems most bucks are bedded up recovering from the rut and hiding from the heavy hunting pressure from the past couple weeks. As everyone heads back home from the holiday and our rifle season closes next week, the hunting pressure will almost disappear and the deer activity should should spike again. The bucks will probably start showing up on food sources about that time.

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