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Rut Fresh provides the most timely

buck movement intel in the world

It's October 26th and you haven't been been in a tree for two weeks. Are bucks still hitting scrapes? Did the recent warm weather suppress movement? Are any new deer showing up on camera? 

Rut Fresh has you covered.

The lifeblood of Rut Fresh is detailed reports from whitetail experts - like biologists, outfitters, land managers, and industry personalities. They provide the blog with up-to-date news on current and projected buck movement based on personal encounters, camera data, weather patterns, moon phases, pressure changes, crop status, and much more. Nowhere else on the web brings so many deer enthusiasts together to share this kind of real time information.

Gathering it all is writer, photographer, and podcaster, Spencer Neuharth. Spencer has been published in over a dozen outdoor magazines, including Field & Stream, Bowhunting World, North American Whitetail, Petersen's Hunting, and Backcountry Journal, and hosts one of the top outdoor podcasts on iTunes, Wired to Hunt's Rut Radio.

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