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Iowa Rut Report

Brad Bever of Whitetailer provides a whitetail rut update for Iowa.

Location: central Iowa

Rut stage: pre-rut

Current buck movement: 6/10

Projected buck movement: 8/10 Unusually cold weather has gotten bucks on their feet more than normal for this time of year. It seems as though daylight movement is really starting to pick up, especially in the mornings.

Every low-hanging branch in the woods has a scrape under it right now, and bucks are lighting up trail cams. Mature bucks have been more visible at first light, and some younger bucks have been seen moving mid-morning.

If the weather holds, I expect buck movement to increase on both trail cams and in the stand. Doe patterns are starting to shift with crop harvest getting finished, and with it bucks will establish territories and start their search for does. We're not far off from seeking and chasing.

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