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Indiana Rut Report

TJ Unger of The Virtue TV provides a whitetail rut update for Indiana.

Location: northern Indiana Rut stage: seeking Current buck movement: 8/10

Projected buck movement: 10/10 Activity is certainly picking up across the Midwest. Based on my recent hunts, I think this part of Indiana is still in the seeking phase, but we're not far off of full on chasing. Immature bucks have been a common sight, often with their nose to the ground or pushing around does. Our cams have shown that mature bucks are mostly moving just before and after legal light. I think weather is a major factor this time of year. We recently got a big cold front, and those stabilizing temps should push everything into overdrive. These are the best days to be in the woods. Communication sites, like rubs and scrapes, are key as does get closer to going into heat. Daylight movement will pick up, and things will pop off once those estrous cycles begin. I wouldn't hesitate to use some vocalizations, like tending or chasing grunts at this stage.

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