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Montana Rut Report

Rex Wolferman provides a whitetail rut update for Montana.

Location: western Montana Rut stage: pre-rut Current buck movement: 5/10 Projected buck movement: 8/10 Western Montana had a beautiful late October with crisp mornings and cool afternoons. However, I hardly saw any rutting activity the last two weeks of the month. With the first week of November bringing a bunch of rain, deer remained bedded the majority of the day. They mostly only showed themselves in the last few hours of light while going to feed. There have been some smaller bucks pushing does, but the mature bucks still have their wits about them. Today I saw two stud bucks squared up, with their ears back and ready to fight. That makes me think a week from now will have some of our best rutting activity. I'd be focusing on scrape lines and doing some rattling before the attention completely focuses to does.

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