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Missouri Rut Report

Kyle Bennett of the Quality Deer Management Association provides a whitetail rut update for Missouri.

Location: northern Missouri Rut stage: chasing Current buck movement: 9/10 Projected buck movement: 10/10

Late October buck activity proved to be slower than normal in Missouri due to above average temps, available acorn crop, and standing crops. Halloween brought some cooler temperatures into the first week of November, which increased daylight deer movement.

Rattling and grunting were effective during this time, especially in the early mornings and late evenings. Daylight cruising sightings of bucks increased throughout the first week of November. Chasing activity turned on seemingly overnight on November 4th after a cold front passed through.

Post-front, I had success sitting all day during this period and saw substantial deer movement around noon. Focus on creek crossings, pinch points, and natural funnels on the downwind side of thick cover and food sources to catch bucks scent-checking these areas for hot does. Spend as much time in the stand as you can, as this is the best time of year.

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