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Minnesota Rut Report

Mitch Kerfeld of Rookie Outdoorsmen provides a whitetail rut update for Minnesota.

Location: central Minnesota

Rut stage: chasing Current buck movement: 8/10

Projected buck movement: 9/10 With temps dropping and harvest wrapping up, the rut is going to be very visible in Minnesota this week. The last 10 days have made the difference and we have now encountered mature bucks chasing on almost every sit. A handful of bucks have been responding to calls, too.

The firearms opener in Minnesota always throws a wrinkle in deer activity and patterns. With fields getting cut, nearby pinch points and staging areas should become great places to find does.

This last week was rough with warm weather and rain. This next week is presenting a cold front with high pressure, so the big bucks that made it through opener should be on their feet. Next week is when peak rut should hit in this part of the country.

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