Kansas Rut Report

October 28, 2018

Cody Butler of Dream Chasers Hunt provides a whitetail rut update for Kansas.

Location: northern Kansas
Rut stage: pre-rut
Current buck movement: 6/10

Projected buck movement: 8/10

This has been a strange October in northern Kansas. We've had crazy amounts of rain that's caused widespread flooding. This is important for deer hunters to note as it'll keep farmers out of fields and delay harvest. In this area, when corn is still standing, deer will pretty much spend all their time there. This makes getting a buck with archery equipment really tough.

We also just had some warmer weather move in, which might stick around until November. All these factors have made finding daylight movement very difficult, even on trail cameras.

With no rain in the forecast and a cold front that's supposed to come at the end of the week, things are shaping up for a strong start to the rut. There should be a surge in buck movement and buck sightings, as usual for early November.

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