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Oklahoma Rut Report

Shane Olson of Habitat Solutions provides a whitetail rut update for Oklahoma.

Location: northern Oklahoma

Rut stage: pre-rut Current buck movement: 7/10

Projected buck movement: 9/10 Unlike earlier in the season, deer have been more visible in the morning this week. Specifically younger bucks and does can be found heading to their beds in daylight. The evening hours have mature bucks on their feet early, like one to two hours before sunset. There's a really strong acorn crop right now, and deer have been focused on areas with high producing trees.

Smaller bucks have been scent checking for does, but the big bucks haven't quite lost their mind yet. Mature bucks have been regularly tending scrapes and claiming dominance in core areas around bedding. However, I think the rut will really crank up in about 10 days as the full moon starts getting smaller.

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