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West Virginia Rut Report

Zach Lamb of The Average Outdoorsman provides a whitetail rut update for West Virginia.

Location: northern West Virginia

Rut stage: October lull

Current buck movement: 5/10

Projected buck movement: 6/10

Most buck movement has been nocturnal as of late. I'd say it's because of the constant rain we've had for weeks and the increasing public land pressure. There was a recent cold front that seemed to get immature bucks moving around, but it was followed by rain that kept deer among thick cover.

There have been more rubs showing up daily, and tarsal glands have been more pronounced in trail cam pictures. Lately deer haven't been very visible in fields as they've been more focused on acorns. I'll be hunting between bedding and oaks for the foreseeable future.

As we get into late October, the temps are supposed to drop and deer movement should ramp up. This part of the country usually has younger bucks chasing in the fourth weekend of October, and full on rut around November 8.

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