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Minnesota Rut Report

Alex Comstock of WhitetailDNA provides a whitetail rut update for Minnesota.

Location: northern Minnesota Rut stage: October lull Current buck movement: 7/10 Projected buck movement: 7/10 After nearly a week of torrential rains and high winds, deer were hunkered down for awhile. The weather finally broke late in the week, and I knew I had to get in a tree. Temps had plummeted into the low 30s and the wind and rain letup. It was the ideal combination to get a buck on its feet during the October lull. On October 11th, I only saw one deer, but it was the one I was after. This target buck showed up 15 minutes before legal shooting light ended, and I was able to execute a perfect shot. My buddies hunting in the area didn't see much for deer movement either, but among the few deer they did spot were mature bucks.

Going forward, it's supposed to stay cold with temps consistently in the 30s. Bucks are now making and visiting scrapes daily. I think if you can find fresh sign to hunt near bedding, you could find yourself an October lull buck as well.

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