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Ohio Rut Report

Byron Horton of The Whitetail Experience provides a whitetail rut update for Ohio.

Location: central Ohio Rut stage: pre pre-rut Current buck movement: 4/10 Projected buck movement: 6/10 With temps dropping this week, I made sure to get some treestand time on Thursday and Friday. I was running-and-gunning on public land, finding fresh sign to setup on like small rubs and hub scrapes. Although I didn't see much for deer movement, I predict this will be an ideal location to find a restless buck in a few weeks.

I also tried making a move on a mature buck that I've been following since August. All four times he showed up on camera since late summer was with a north wind, so I've been calculated about when I'll hunt him. He never made an appearance for me, but with public land sometimes you can do everything right and you won't see deer.

Temperatures look good going forward and hunter pressure has been dropping since opening weekend. I remain positive because of the forecast and lack of other hunters in the woods. As we get into late October, I'll continue mobile hunting around fresh deer sign.

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