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Illinois Rut Report

Andrew Giles of Midwest Creed Media provides a whitetail rut update for Illinois.

Location: southern Illinois Rut stage: pre pre-rut Current buck movement: 3/10 Projected buck movement: 7/10 With temps in the 80s, the daylight action has been slow besides does moving just before first shooting light. Mature bucks are even harder to come by, with much of their movement taking place well before or well after dark. Young bucks appear to still be traveling together, but that should change very soon.

Nearly all the corn around here has been harvested, with the majority of beans coming out right now. This, along with acorns falling, has lead to deer being more visible in the woods rather than open fields. It's definitely contributed to more scrapes and rubs popping up since opener. Storms are in the forecast, bringing cooler temps and rising pressure for the next week. Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s should have deer moving during daylight. My preference right now would be a stand between a cut corn field and bedding where acorns are dropping.

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