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Alabama Rut Report

Andrew Maxwell of The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast provides a whitetail rut update for Alabama.

Location: central Alabama Rut stage: summer to fall transition Current buck movement: 3/10

Projected buck movement: 6/10 The season is drawing near in Alabama, and with it we are seeing some big changes in deer movement. With our season not opening until October 15, we are missing out on those predictable bed to food patterns that hunters in other states enjoy.

Trail cameras are showing that many young bucks are still together, while mature bucks are traveling solo. Movement has been slow, as the deer are bedding very close to their food sources and moving early in the morning or late in the evening. My strategy will be to focus my cameras on good food sources, like persimmons, and places where I can find bucks moving, like mock scrapes.

The long term forecast shows a solid cold front for opening day. I'll be tucked into a nice oak within a stone's throw of bedding area surrounded by fresh sign.

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