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Michigan Rut Report

Scott Spitzley of DirtNap Gear provides a whitetail rut update for Michigan.

Location: southern Michigan

Rut stage: summer to fall transition

Current buck movement: 8/10

Projected buck movement: 6/10 Through observations of my own and others, it appears deer are still bedding close to bean fields that remain green. On an afternoon sit this week, I saw 12 different bucks feeding in a soybean field. Two of the bucks were mature, and I'd attribute this solid movement to green beans, high pressure, and below average temps. According to the forecast, it looks like warmer weather is on the way. The increased temps and increased hunting pressure will definitely be a suppressor, and the loss of big ag will hurt Michiganders as well. Soon, deer will be focusing more on acorns and manicured food plots, which will alter their bedding. My focus after that will be getting in tight on their core area when the conditions are right for finding a buck on its feet before dark.

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