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Maryland Rut Report

Andrew Younker of Stricken Outdoors provides a whitetail rut update for Maryland.

Location: central Maryland

Rut stage: summer to fall transition Current buck movement: 2/10 Projected buck movement: 6/10 We hunt a few different properties that function differently. Some are large ag fields with hedgerows and small patches of timber, while others are wood lots tucked into suburban areas. The amount of mature buck sightings we had on trail camera the first week of the season were great, but have dropped off since then. This is likely because acorns are in full drop mode, and our area is loaded with oak ridges and flats. Some farmers have been able to combine corn fields, but the incredible amount of rain that Florence brought will definitely slow things down. I don't expect to see many dry fields in the immediate future. However, the forecast is showing some dry conditions on the way. Once the farmers get corn polished off it will push big bucks back to fall bedding areas in the woods. The end of next week should be a good time to be in a tree as the combines get rolling again.

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