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Wisconsin Rut Report

Alex Gall provides a whitetail rut update for Wisconsin.

Location: northeast Wisconsin Rut stage: summer to fall shift Current buck movement: 3/10 Projected buck movement: 7/10 Typically on our land we don't see many mature bucks throughout summer because they spend their time in the neighboring ag fields. Once corn fields come out and bucks lose their velvet, our property becomes relevant again for deer. This year, that held true again as we were able to identify three new target bucks on the last card pull. On September 10th, we got pictures of two mature bucks that we're contributing to the neighbor's combine bumping out the night before. While hunting this previous cold front, I saw many does and fawns, but never a buck. I think it shows that they're still transitioning away from their summer patterns and re-establishing their home ranges. I don't expect them to rely on the food plots quite yet as there's ample browse and mast crop available. Starting around Wednesday, there is supposed to be a cold front and 180 degree wind shift coming through. That should get deer on their feet during daylight hours around green food sources, like alfalfa and fruit bearing trees.

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