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Kansas Rut Report

Tim Endsley of Livin' the Brand provides a whitetail rut update for Kansas.

Location: eastern Kansas Rut stage: end of summer patterns Current buck movement: 8/10 Projected buck movement: 3/10

Although temps have been really hot for opener in Kansas, the moon phase is perfect all week. I've seen a lot of deer on their feet early in the afternoon, including some mature bucks. The beans are still green and deer have been hammering them every evening. The bucks are on a strict food to bed pattern, so I concentrate on hunting transition areas close to beans for afternoon sits. I'll hunt some mornings early season, but the bucks are usually back to bed before first light. I typically won't risk bumping one of them in my attempt to enter or exit a morning stand.

This coming week will bring some cooler temps, but the moon will be working against hunters. I expect most mature bucks to wait until dark for feeding, but there's still a chance you could find one slip up. Like other Kansas hunters, I'll continue to focus on food sources this week.

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