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New Jersey Rut Report

Patrick Cutter of Red Hand Outdoors provides a whitetail rut update for New Jersey.

Location: northern New Jersey

Rut stage: end of summer patterns

Current buck movement: 8/10

Projected buck movement: 6/10 Buck movement was very good the first few days of the season in New Jersey, and I think it was primarily because of the big weather change. The day before opener the high went from in the 90s to in the 60s. This cold front hung around for several days.

I believe that's the biggest factor that helped me and a buddy tag two mature bucks on days 3 and 4 of our hunt. It wasn't a fluke, as we also laid eyes on several other bucks during that time.

Nearly all bucks have shed their velvet and are starting to shift to their fall ranges. That doesn't mean you can't still find a few deer in ag fields on their summer pattern, though. Not all the white oaks have fully let go yet, but you can expect that to change very soon. Once a bunch of acorns hit the ground, expect daylight movement to take a hit until October.

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