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Nebraska Rut Report

Brady Miller of The Virtue TV provides a whitetail rut update for Nebraska.

Location: western Nebraska Rut stage: end of summer patterns

Current buck movement: 5/10

Projected buck movement: 8/10

Most bucks have stripped their velvet off by now and are switching out of their summer patterns. There has been a lot of new bucks show up over the past week as they are transitioning out of their core summering areas. The unseasonably warm temperatures have greatly affected the deer movement, including mule deer. With Friday being 92 degrees, I would assume most deer will stay bedded during the day and do most of their feeding during the night hours. Even with the high temperatures, I was fortunate enough to have harvested a great whitetail on September 10th.

My best friend TJ Unger and I stumbled upon this buck bedded in a bottom around 5:00 pm. The conditions were 15 mph winds and 86 degrees, which had this buck tucked in shaded cover, with the wind in his face and a steep embankment to his back. We were able to get within 15 yards and arrow the only buck that we saw in three days of hunting.

Going into next week I would forecast deer movement to increase because of the lower temps and crops being harvested. With the beans turning brown, a lot of the deer have moved into the corn and alfalfa fields, as well as hammering wild plums. I predict that early morning hunts will yield the highest results, if you can get between their food source and bedding.

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