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Kentucky Rut Report

Josh Smith of Wild Carrot Scents provides a whitetail rut update for Kentucky.

Location: northern Kentucky

Rut stage: summer patterns

Current buck movement: 8/10

Projected buck movement: 6/10

With the sweltering heat of the southern sun beating down, treestand time can require real commitment. Fortunately, deer are currently very active during daylight hours and provide a good deal of action around sunset. Batteries and SD cards are earning their keep right now on our scrape set-ups. Our wicks hold scent for weeks allowing us to minimize entry/exit volume, and keep pressure low at this point early in the season. We've found using scrapes more valuable this year with the large mast crop available. Ordinarily we could get solid cam inventory on bait, but with so many acorns on the ground it's hard to motivate deer to use mineral. Daylight movement should decline slightly as bachelor groups start to break up and many deer stick close to beds. It'll get harder to catch a mature buck on its feet in these coming weeks, so take advantage of these final days of deer on their summer pattern.

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