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North Dakota Rut Report

Alex Comstock of WhitetailDNA provides a whitetail rut update for North Dakota.

Location: eastern North Dakota Rut stage: summer patterns Current buck movement: 4/10 Projected buck movement: 6/10

Buck movement hasn't been the greatest for the first week of North Dakota's season. Between a group of four hunters, we only saw one mature buck between during the first four days of the season. That means we put in 16 hunts to yield just one shooter sighting.

On September 4th, though, I was able to arrow a 3.5 year old 8-pointer in full velvet, yet he was the only buck I saw that evening.

For about the next week, I would forecast movement to be slightly higher, then drop off. High temps in the low 70s with overnight lows in the high 40s and low 50s should lend to bucks getting on their feet earlier in the day, and possibly long enough in the morning to pull off a morning hunt.

Food sources are key right now, and if you can find anything unique to an area, that can be a big help. The buck that I harvested was around apple trees sandwiched between corn and beans. I think that was the difference maker for the hunt.

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