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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Whitetail Hunters

I’m not a dad. However, I do plenty of dadish things – like reseed the lawn on a Friday night and get excited for Menard’s rebates. Oh, and I’m a feverish deer hunter. Who better than me to pick out a gift for your whitetail enthusiast dad?

The best hunting app in the world is already a reasonable $30, but this Father’s Day promo makes it even cheaper. Grab this deal now so your dad can start mapping the whitetail woods better than ever.

The onX app will truly change how you hunt. This past spring, I drew a turkey tag in a unit that I never stepped foot in. Having federal, state, and private land data at my fingertips allowed me to get access to a piece of ground I wouldn’t have otherwise found, and harvest one of my biggest turkeys ever. I can’t wait to use it this fall, and your dad will feel the same way.

I’ve found that after years of running trail cameras, the perfect tree doesn’t exist. Instead, I’m always making marginal setups that have the camera at an angle, distance, or height that is less than ideal.

Solving that issue is the Stic-N-Pic Mini Ground Mount. It is adjustable from ground level to 36 in., rotates 360 degrees, and installs quickly in any situation. Maybe what separates the Mini from the rest of the competition is that it breaks down to a size small enough where it’ll fit in any backpack. This is absolutely one of my favorite whitetail accessories, and is a steal at that price.

For a limited time, all Traeger dealers are offering $100 off the Pro 22 and Pro 34. That’s a bargain for one of the best pellet grills on the market.

Your pops will be in love with the precision grilling technology that guarantees accurate temps and responsive controls. The Pro Series 22 offers 572 sq. in. of grill space, which is enough to hold five racks of ribs or 24 burgers. It’s extremely versatile, allowing you to smoke a roast at 180 degrees or sear a loin at 450. However your favorite grillmaster uses it, he’ll remember which golden child gave to him.

In the past, you had two options to combat mosquitoes and ticks in the field – Deet or permethrin. Both have questionable effects when being used on skin, children, and pets. Instead, BioShield has developed a repellent that doesn’t use either one, and is perfectly safe for any application.

The Triple Protection Pack that includes laundry detergent, bodywash, and field spray contains NeuroRX, which attacks neurotransmitters only found in insects. This kills insects immediately, and deters them from ever biting or latching onto you. Since the spray has a citrus smell, it’s not recommended for deer hunting, but is perfect for those days of planting food plots in spring or glassing fields in summer.

With the most innovative odor control products on the market, Scent Crusher has nailed it with the Room Clean. This unit plugs into any standard outlet and has custom controls to disperse ozone in a room up to 320 sq. ft.

This is perfect for in your house, deer camp, hotel room, RV, or wherever whitetail hunting takes you. I’ve had one for about three months now and kick it on every time I fry food or take out the garbage. It’ll be even more satisfying when I activate it right before I step into the woods and look to fool a whitetail’s nose. Your dad (and probably your mom) will thank you for this gift.

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