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Best Whitetail Gear from ATA 2018

While ATA 2018 aims to please archers of all backgrounds, the biggest seller is gear that’s made for whitetail hunters. As North America’s most popular big game, it’s easy to see why those who descend on Indianapolis were buzzing about the products that’ll help you find a booner. After three days on the trade show floor, I narrowed down my four favorite pieces of gear that will definitely excel in the whitetail woods.

Wild Carrot Deer Attractant Wild Carrot is deer urine that’s packaged like nothing else on the market. Most deer attractant comes in glass bottles that are messy and get diluted by being exposed to air and light. Wild Carrot, on the other hand, is sealed in one time use sleeves that ensure it’ll be as fresh as the day it was gathered. It comes in buck, doe, rutting buck, and estrus doe, with the estrus doe being laboratory certified to be from a doe in heat.

Primos Double Bull SurroundView

This blind might have been the talk of ATA 2018, and for good reason. It is made of material that acts like a one way mirror, where you can see out of it but can’t see in. This eliminates all blind spots that ground blinds often deal with, and gives you the ability to see game coming from all directions. The Double Bull SurroundView would be perfect for field edges where wary whitetails could approach from any angle.

Havalon Talon

While it’s not set to officially debut until SHOT 2018, the Havalon Talon was available for a sneak peak at ATA. This isn’t just a great whitetail product, I think it’s one of the best products in the outdoor industry in general. Like other Havalon knives, the Talon uses a detachable blade system to guarantee sharpness. Unlike other Havalon knives, the Talon has the ability to switch out five different blades, from a gut hook to fillet blade. This could literally be the last knife you’ll ever need.

Hawk Ghost HD20

The trail camera market has it’s big swingers, like Moultrie, Browning, and Bushnell. New to the game is Hawk with their first trail cam set to hit shelves this spring. Hawk is bringing an economical camera that’s one of the smallest on the market with loads of features, like being waterproof, incredible battery life, and amazing trigger speed. This treestand company could be challenging the industry with what might be the best mid-priced camera of 2018.

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