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Pennsylvania Field Report

Beau Martonik of The Journal of Mountain Hunting provides a whitetail rut update for Pennsylvania.

Location: central Pennsylvania

Rut stage: seeking

Current buck movement: 9/10

Projected buck movement: 8/10

Words can't describe how I feel right now. My girlfriend, Jessie Marie, just killed the biggest buck we've ever hunted!

This was a deer I knew going back to last year, and had a pretty good idea about where he was bedding. However, he wasn't showing himself at all this season, until recently when I started to get some trail camera pictures of him again. We moved in close to his bedding and Jessie caught him moving early yesterday evening, meeting him with a perfectly placed arrow.

These are some of the best days of the rut where you'll be able to kill a buck on a pattern, so archers should be taking advantage of that. Like we did with this buck, try figuring out where bucks are moving bed to food and play the wind right for topnotch evening action.

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