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Georgia Field Report

Lindsey Thomas Jr. of QDMA provides a whitetail rut update for Georgia.

Location: central Georgia

Rut stage: pre-rut

Current buck movement: 6/10

Projected buck movement: 7/10

The warm weather and drought continues in Georgia, as much of the state is in less than ideal conditions for late October buck movement. However, even as hunters across the nation wait on cold fronts, it should be noted that there are no studies that show deer movement increases during cold fronts.

Instead, biologists agree that buck movement increases through September and October and right into the rut. Because of this, your odds of finding a mature buck on its feet in shooting light increases with each calendar day.

Food sources are limited right now, with the lack of rain choking out food plots across the southeast. If you have any green stuff at this moment, you'll be sure to be attracting deer on your property.

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