October 14, 2018

Alex Comstock of WhitetailDNA provides a whitetail rut update for Minnesota.

Location: northern Minnesota
Rut stage: October lull
Current buck movement: 7/10
Projected buck movement: 7/10

After nearly a week of torrential rains and high winds, deer were hunkered down for awhile. The weather finally broke late in the week, and I knew I had to get in a tree. Temps had plummeted into the low 30s and the wind and rai...

September 17, 2018

Jake Grages of Daybreak Ranch provides a whitetail rut update for South Dakota.

Location: central South Dakota
Rut stage: end of summer pattern
Current buck movement: 3/10

Projected buck movement: 7/10

Almost all bucks have shed their velvet of the last few weeks and are shifting from their summer range to fall range. The loss of velvet, dissolving of bachelor groups, and maturing of crops all at the same time has...

September 11, 2018

Richard Peeples of The Peeples Passion provides a whitetail rut update for South Carolina.

Location: southern South Carolina

Rut stage: end of summer patterns

Current buck movement: 7/10

Projected buck movement: 4/10

Buck movement was surprisingly good over the weekend. I didn't see any of the shooters I was after, but did see some quality 3.5 year olds on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Although I wasn't able...

July 15, 2018

On one of my very first deer hunts, I remember thinking that Dad didn’t dress me warm enough. We hadn’t even been in the field an hour and I was ready to call it a day.

“It’s always coldest at sunrise,” he whispered to me, seeing that I was shivering.

Knowing that temps wouldn’t continue to fall kept me there long enough to kill a doe. It was a memorable hunt, but more so because I think about that sentence ever...

June 27, 2018

Some recent heavy rain has caused swollen creeks and rivers to swallow up whitetail ground across Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio and Missouri. For many hunters, this could be the first time their property has ever felt the rising tide of Midwest storms.

To find out how deer will respond, I reached out to five hunters across the country with land that gets regular and irregular flooding. They've had unique experiences...

June 23, 2018


Three buddies and I went in on buying a Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak 12’ x 20’ to start using on all our hunting adventures away from home. At over $1000, it was quite the commitment as we needed to make sure it could handle enough trips to pay for itself.

For the Alaknak’s maiden voyage, we took the tent to western South Dakota in mid-November for a public land mule deer hunt. During the three day trip, we e...

June 9, 2018

I’m not a dad. However, I do plenty of dadish things – like reseed the lawn on a Friday night and get excited for Menard’s rebates. Oh, and I’m a feverish deer hunter. Who better than me to pick out a gift for your whitetail enthusiast dad?

onX Premium Mobile Membership | was $30, now $21

The best hunting app in the world is already a reasonable $30, but this Father’s Day promo makes it even cheaper. Grab this dea...

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